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Canyon Lake Life

Love where you live and savor the memories

Canyon Lake, California is a one of a kind city built around recreation and a sense of community.  With a 383 acre private lake, parks and beaches, golf and tennis, equestrian center, lodge, swimming pool, camp ground and more, it offers the ultimate resort style living year round.

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Relax At Home This Summer

There is a reason Canyon Lake is called “A Bit of Paradise”.


Latest News and Events

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Canyon Lake Car Show in Pictures

The 2015 Canyon Lake Car Show rolled into the lodge parking lot yesterday and it was an impressive display of gleaming chrome, high horsepower engines, and highly polished

Lodge Remodel Set to Begin

One of the key features and favorite amenities in Canyon Lake is the beloved lodge.  It's been a central part of the community for many years.  The current

Like Being On Vacation All Year

Once you live here full time, you might forget what the rat race is.

Choosing to live in Canyon Lake means choosing a new lifestyle. Get ready to spend weekends on the water or afternoons on the golf course or maybe the early mornings trolling for that record bass. Whatever your hobbies or interests, Canyon Lake is the one place that allows you to enjoy them all while feeling like you’re on vacation all the time.