Canyon Lake Videos - Canyon Lake California

​Canyon Lake Videos

​Over the years, people in the community have shot some great video of the amenities and events here in Canyon Lake.  This page is a collection of some the best videos posted on YouTube for Canyon Lake.  Please be patient while page loads because it's a lot of video footage.

​Henry Becerra - 4K Aerial Photography and Videography
"A Little Bit of Paradise"

​Henry Becerra - 4k Aerial Photography and Videography
​"Born in the USA Canyon Lake July 4th 2018"

​Jake Gray Media
"Sky Skiing in Canyon Lake"

​Randy Lester
"Canyon Lake 02/03/16"

"Fishing 09/02/16 at Canyon Lake, California"

​Rick Bernagozzi
"Greetings from Canyon Lake, CA"

​Canyon Laker
"Canyon Lake Golf Course"