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Canyon Lake ShowCal Skiers Getting Ready for Season

By Justin Bevins | Canyon Lake Recreation

ShowCal Skiers LogoCanyon Lake has a new club dedicated to the sport of show skiing called the “ShowCal Skiers”.  If you’ve ever seen a ski show at Sea World, Cypress Gardens, or Magic Mountain, then you’re familiar with the excitement and crowd pleasing action these show skiers provide.  And in fact many of the members of Canyon Lake’s newest club have performed professionally at those ski show venues.

Show Skiing has been called the most entertaining discipline in the sport of water skiing.  It is fast-moving, exciting, graceful, and most of all, fun to watch.  Virtually all aspects of the sport – barefooting, jumping, slalom, tricks, wakeboarding and kneeboarding – are choreographed into one grand performance.  Unique to show skiing are ballet/swivel skiing, adagio doubles, adagio trios, freestyle jumping and human pyramids.

It makes sense to have a club like this in Canyon Lake since it’s already considered a classic water skiing community, and home to numerous national and world champion skiers, boarders and hydrofoilers.  ShowCal Skiers bring yet another dimension to the already popular sport.  They plan to perform several Ski Shows for our community throughout the summer.

CalShow Skiers

And anyone can participate in this new club even if you don’t have any experience – the club is open to all members of the community.

“The biggest advantage to joining ShowCal Skiers, is that you and your family will have the ability to utilize Canyon Lake’s Greatest Amenity – The Lakes – without having to own a boat or water ski equipment.  It truly is an organization where all members of a family can participate together.  Age and skill are not factors since ski club performers can range from young children to grandparents and beginner to expert.”

Dry land practice is usually on Sundays at Holiday Harbor and rumor is there may be a wet practice on the jump lagoon March 23rd.  Best to check out their calendar to confirm dates and times for all practices.

If you would like to get more information about the club membership or upcoming events, you can visit their website at or contact Mary Tortomasi at 951-722-2010 or Cherie Schiafone at 239-707-6002.

Check back here for updated photos of the ShowCal Skiers in action.


Swimming Pool to Open for the Season

By Justin Bevins | Canyon Lake Recreation

Canyon Lake pool MaintenanceThe Canyon Lake community pool at the lodge is scheduled to open March 17th this year.  The pool is always one of the more popular attractions during the summer and fortunately for residents it stays open for an extended season.   Right now the pool area is looking spectacular.  There’s a lot of new paint, the deck is clean, and the pool water is a sparkling clear blue.

The Canyon Lake pool generally closes down in November for the winter and re-opens in early March.  The pool is heated for these early season openings and even though we’re getting uncharacteristically warm weather this year, the heated water helps a lot on those brisk mornings.

Our large L-shaped pool has Olympic lanes at one end and generally varies from 3′ deep to 6′ deep.  There is also a separate kiddie pool for the little tykes if the main pool is too deep or they want to warm up to the big pool.  There are also dressing rooms, showers, drinking fountains, handicap lift, shade areas, and vending machines for member convenience.  The view of the lake makes it easy to relax and enjoy the day poolside.

The pool opens in the spring and fall at 7:00am but is reserved until 10:00am for lap swimming and water aerobics.  After 10:00am, it’s open swimming for everyone.  The pool is open until 9:00pm Sunday through Thursday and until 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer and is open until 8:00pm in the spring and fall.

Canyon Lake Water Aerobics

Water aerobics classes are a great way to get some low impact exercise and socialize with a fun group of fellow swimmers .  Classes are offered Monday through Saturday at 8:30 in the morning for only $2 per class or $25 per month.  Contact the Canyon Lake POA for more information (951)244-6841 x618.

Canyon Lake Pool Rules SignPool Rules

There are a few things you need to know about the Canyon Lake pool in order to enjoy your visit and stay safe.  Here are the most important rules:

  • Bring your POA member card, you may be asked to show it.
  • Member must accompany and stay with guests, six guests maximum per property.
  • Direct supervision of children under the age of 5 is required.  Kids under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult to the pool.
  • Also note that there is a pool attendant but no lifeguard on duty so be sure to keep an eye on inexperienced swimmers.

You can download a complete list of pool rules and guidelines here.

So whether it’s for exercise or fun, head over to the lodge and enjoy one of Canyon Lake’s best amenities this year.  See you at the pool!




What’s SUP Canyon Lake?

By Justin Bevins | Canyon Lake Recreation

Canyon Lake Paddle BoardingStand Up Paddle Boarding is what’s up!  If you’ve been out on the lake lately, you’ve probably noticed the many paddle boarders that are plying the waters of the East Bay and the edges of the Main Lake.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and in Canyon Lake it seems.  The sport has really taken off worldwide in the last 10 years with boards showing up along the rivers, lakes and coastlines.  Originally popular in Hawaii as paddle surfing, the large boards make it easy for beginners to learn the sport on a variety of water conditions.  Boards generally range from 9′ for recreational boards up to 14′ for racing and touring boards.  Paddle boarding provides a great core workout exercising the trunk muscles, chest, back, arms and legs.  Most beginners notice a real workout in their feet and lower legs as well since it takes balance and stability to stand continuously while paddling.  And it’s an outstanding social activity especially in Canyon Lake where you can cruise around at a leisurely pace taking in all the scenery or just hanging out in a quiet cove.

Canyon Lake Paddle BoardingPaddle boarding is easy to try with many places in Southern California where boards are available to rent and lessons are available for beginners.  If you would like to buy a board, prices generally start around $500 and up with some of the specialized racing boards costing well into the thousands.  Learning is pretty natural and it’s easy to start by just sitting or kneeling on the board and working your way up to standing.  Paddling is fairly easy to figure out, but there are some advanced techniques to get more out of each stroke.  Like most things these days, there are some great instructional videos on YouTube that can get you started and then it’s just a matter of practice.

In Canyon Lake, Stand Up Paddle Boards are allowed anywhere in the East Bay and in the 5 m.p.h. zones of the main lake around the edges and in the coves.  Boards are not allowed to cross the center of the main lake because of the faster boat traffic.  The Coast Guard treats Paddle Boards as vessels and as such requires personal flotation devices to be worn in many parts of the country.  The Canyon Lake Marine Patrol so far just requires that a life jacket for each rider be present on the board.  Boards out after dark, must have visible lights for safety.  Always check the POA website for the most up to date rules regarding operating a paddle board or any other vessel on Canyon Lake.

If you want to try stand up paddle boarding, the annual Pedal and Paddle Regatta sponsored by the Canyon Lake Triathlon club is a great opportunity.   There are always lots of experienced riders to give you tips and usually a few board companies with demonstration boards to try out.  It’s a fun event with food served afterwards.  this years event is Saturday August 17th at 10:00 am at Indian Beach.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Canyon Lake


*Some images courtesy of Creed SUP

Gone Fishing in Canyon Lake – An Angler’s Paradise

By Justin Bevins | Canyon Lake Recreation

fishing southern californiaCanyon Lake has a reputation as one of the best fishing lakes in California with many anglers who really enjoy the thrill of the catch in the lake’s well stocked waters.  Canyon Lake So Cal recently interviewed two such fishermen, Lance and Lee, who shared a little information about what they like to catch and where they like to fish and a few tips about bait and gear:

CLSC:  How long have you guys been fishing Canyon Lake?

L & L: About 4 years.

CLSC:  How many times a week?

L & L: 2-3 times a week at least

CLSC:  What’s your favorite part of the lake to fish?

Lance:  Depends on the time of year – we travel around the lake.  If we aren’t catching much we move to a better spot.  Our best areas are Sierra Park, Ski Jump Lagoon, Harrelson Park for Catfish.

Lee:  Holiday Harbor is great spot – we caught a big catfish there last night.

CLSC:  At Ski Jump Lagoon are you shore fishing or tube fishing?

Lee:  Both, but mostly shore fishing.

CLSC:  What kind of fishing do you like to do the most – boat, shore, or tube?

Lance:  It just depends on where the fish are hanging out. Today 3 of us were on the boat and we caught 19 fish.

Lee:  This time of the year (late spring),  a lot of fish are near the shore so we stay close to the shoreline on the boat or fish off the banks a lot.

CLSC:  What kind of fish are you after this time of the year?

Lee:  Bass, catfish

Lance:  Mostly bass for us right now, that’s we like to fish for most of the time because they put up a great fight.  Late at night, we go after the catfish.

CLSC:  Is this the best time of the year to fish for bass?

Lee:  Absolutely!

Lance:  Right now… they’re all done spawning.

CLSC:  What about in the winter time?

Lance:  Whatever we catch.  We still catch a lot of bass, but it’s slower.

CLSC:  What size fish you catching these days?

Lee:  He caught a six and a half pounder today.

Lance:  Yeah, it was a six and a half today.

Lee:  Usually they average about three to four pounds.

CLSC:  What are you fishing with?

Lee:  We use live bait.

Lance:  We use shad to catch our bass.

Lee:  We catch a bunch of shad, keep them in the live well, and then hook ’em up as bait for the bass.  They swim hard and the bass go after ’em.  The guys in the fishing tournaments out here aren’t allowed to use shad.

CLSC:  What’s the best time of the day to fish?

Lee:  Morning.

Lance:  Morning and evening from 3:00 until the sun goes down.

CLSC:  Is Canyon Lake easy fishing or some of the best fishing you’ve done?

Lee:  You’ll catch a lot of fish here.  Last year around this same time we caught 200 fish in one week.

Lance:  I took a week off last summer and caught 80 bass in one week.

CLSC:  What rules about fishing in Canyon Lake should people know about?

Lee:  It’s catch and release for anything under 12″.  You’re take home limit is 5 fish.

Lance:  We catch and release all our fish like most of the guys here, but you can eat ’em and they’re good eating – both the bass and the catfish.

CLSC:  What about fishing licenses?

Lance:  You have to have a state license.  Visitors can only fish in the presence of a property owner and then they need a state license and Canyon Lake fishing permit.

Lee:  And you have to fish within 10′ of that member.

CLSC:  What’s one of your favorite spots?

Lance:  At the north end of the main lake near the 3 tubes from the slalom lake.

CLSC:  Anything else you want to add?

Lance:  It’s all about catching the fish and having fun.

canyon lake fishing





Walking, Running, and Cycling for Fitness in Canyon Lake

By Justin Bevins | Canyon Lake Recreation

canyon lake runningStep outside on a spring morning in Canyon Lake and you’ll see that the streets belong to walkers, runners, and cyclists getting their early morning exercise on.  Canyon Lake’s rolling hills make for a challenging and varied course and local residents attack it with vigor.  You’ll see Mommies doing the uphill double stroller push across the causeway and cyclists racing against golf carts.  Some residents make fitness a high priority and often you’ll see the same faces out there every day pounding the pavement around the community.

It’s no surprise that Canyon Lake is a fit community given that most of our amenities center around recreation.  The streets make a great place for training and fortunately we have a nice wide bike lane that is easily shared by cyclists, runners, and walkers.  And even when they’re out there huffin’ and puffin’ most athletes still have enough breath to say hello or give a friendly nod to other pedestrians making the exertion a little more enjoyable.

If you’re thinking of putting in some miles this spring, here’s some approximate distances to help you set your course:

  • Main Gate to Vacation Drive Stop Sign 1.4 miles
  • East Gate to Vacation Drive Stop Sign 1.7 miles
  • North Gate to Vacation Drive Stop Sign 1.9 miles
  • Continental Drive 1 mile
  • Longhorn Drive 1.7 miles
  • Evans Park West also features a walking/running trail

If you’re looking for a few events to test your fitness level, the Canyon Lake Triathlon Club sponsors the annual “Fit Community” 5k & 10k walk/run and the annual “Tour de Canyon Lake” bike ride.  The club also sponsors and participates in several other events annually including triathlons and duathlons.  You can get more information about the club, group training and events through their website.

If you plan to exercise on the streets of Canyon Lake, here’s a few things to remember:

  1. Wear bright or reflective clothing and be aware of your surroundings; you’re sharing the roads with motorists and you never know if they’re paying attention, so protect yourself by being alert and visible.
  2. If your exercising with Fido, keep him on a leash so for his safety as well as yours and others sharing the path.
  3. As temperatures warm up into summer carry water and stay hydrated to avoid heat stroke and other heat related illnesses.
  4. If your cycling, be sure to wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road to protect yourself and make drivers aware of your presence.
  5. Carry your cell phone with you in case of an emergency.

Go at your own pace and most of all have fun.  We’ll see you in the lane!


* runner’s leg image courtesy of eHow