Thai Cuisine at it's Finest - Thai Orchid - Canyon Lake California

Thai Cuisine at it’s Finest – Thai Orchid

By Justin Bevins | Canyon Lake Restaurants

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thai orchid restaurant murrietaJust a short drive from Canyon Lake, down the road in Murrieta is a little hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant called Thai Orchid.  I don’t know who is in the kitchen whipping up these amazing Thai dishes, but my guess is that it’s some wise elderly Thai woman with mad cooking skills and an amazing palette, because the food here is some of the best I’ve ever had.  And it figures because the best restaurants are usually the family owned ones with recipes handed down from generation to generation.  Needless to say Thai Orchid does not disappoint when it comes to traditional Thai cuisine.

This is no fancy place with expensive dishes and artwork and fountains, but it is always clean.  In the many times I’ve been there, I’ve always been able to get a table quickly and the servers are always fast to take my order.  What amazes me is that they always remember what I ordered last time.  One time the wife and I went in with another couple and the server remembered what everybody at the table had ordered when we were there a month prior.  That’s customer service.  The food always comes out fast and hot and everybody’s dish comes out within a few seconds of the others, which you may know is no small feet if you’ve eaten at other Thai restaurants.

thai orchis orange chickenThe menu has your usual selection of classic Thai dishes like Tom Yum, Curries, Panang and of course the classic Pad Thai.  Each dish is made to the level of spiciness you request and in my experience, it always comes out consistently perfect.  The Thai Orchid serves beer and wine along with traditional items like Thai Iced Tea, Boba and a delicious ginger tea.  Food prices are very affordable for a sit down dinner and most entree’s clock in at $8-$12.  You Yelp-er’s out there should be pleased with their 4 star rating.  They’re probably the closest and most authentic Thai restaurant near Canyon Lake.

It’s always a quiet experience and occasionally there is sports or something else entertaining on the TV.  They are open for lunch and dinner and they also take reservations which might be a good idea if you have a large party as seating is limited.  Call them at 951-894-2863 if you’re headed down and they’ll save you a table.